Bioenergetic Scan
Everything in existence is made up of energy!  Medicine has recognized that we are electromagnetic beings and has a tradition of using diagnostic machines, such as MRIs, which work with magnetic energy. Ultrasound machines use high frequency sound energy. EKGS and EEGs are electronic representations of what is in the heart and the brain.
The Qest4 Bio-energetic Testing System is one of the most powerful electro-dermal testing systems available today. Through the use of handheld electrodes or DNA samples, it can measure the energetic signatures (imbalances) of the body and determine the presence of environmental toxicities, food sensitivities, vertebrae misalignments, dental concerns and bacteria, viruses and pathogens long before conventional tests may find them. If it picks up frequency imbalances, a person can proactively make lifestyle changes to boost their immune system and give their body the proper fuel to overcome these imbalances, often before symptoms physically present. In addition to the Comprehensive Analysis which shows energy dis-resonances that relate to the root cause of health concerns, several additional tests are available. 
Below are some of the tests available through the Qest4 Bio-energetic Testing system.
·Adult Comprehensive Analysis          ·Adrenal Scan
·Lyme & Co-infections Scan                   ·Allergy Sensitivity Profile                  ·Stomach Scan
·Hormonal Profile                                        ·Hip Scan                                                       ·Thymus Scan            
·Male Reproductive Scan                        ·Hypothalamus Scan                              ·Thyroid & Parathyroid 
·Metabolic-Digestive Profile                ·Joint & Connective Tissue                ·Methylation Scan 
·Kidney & Bladder Scan                           ·Neurotransmitter Profile                   ·Knee Scan
·Nutrient Deficiencies                              ·Large & Sm Intestine Scan                ·pH Issues                  
·Pediatric Comprehensive                     ·Sleep Disturbances                               ·Liver Scan     
·Symptom-Emotion Correlation        ·Weight Loss Scan                                    ·Appendix Scan
·Autism Panel                                                ·Arteries & Veins                                       ·Lung Scan
·Biological Age                                              ·Blood Scan                                                  ·Bone Scan
·Ovaries & Uterus Scan                            ·Dental Resonance Profile                 ·Ear Scan
·Pancreas Scan                                              ·Dietary Scan                                             ·Brain Scan
·Pineal Scan                                                     ·Emotional Stressors                           ·Eye Scan
·Breast Scan                                                     ·Pituitary Scan                                        ·Prostate Scan           
·Environmental Sensitivities               ·Female Reproductive Scan              ·Skin Scan
·Shoulder Scan                                              ·Food Sensitivity List                           ·Foot & Ankle Scan
·Sinus Scan                                                      ·GI Panel                                                     ·Gallbladder Scan 
·Informational Scan                                   ·Hand & Wrist Scan                              ·Spleen Scan  
·Main Body Supplementation             ·Heart Scan
Are you struggling with weight loss or long term skin issues, or believe your child is reacting to certain foods? The Qest4 can run a weight loss scan to help identify hormonal imbalances, foods to avoid, and even direct the amount and type of exercise one should participate in to lose weight. Children often act out after consuming foods with artificial food dyes or sweeteners, or they get sleepy or have stomach bloating. The Qest4 can help parents determine which foods are triggers for their child’s behaviors and physical symptoms. 
More than 70% of people who visit a medical practice suffer from what is known as a functional disturbance. In simple terms, a functional disturbance occurs when no specific tissue or organ damage can be identified by conventional blood tests or traditional pathological diagnostic testing, and yet the patient still continues to experience multiple symptoms. Where traditional approaches end, the Qest4 system introduces a new perspective, effectively utilizing the technology of bio-energetic screening. Many people can benefit greatly from the insight obtained through bio-energetic testing. Research concerning bio-energetic testing has been well documented in university studies using various methods of traditional diagnostics.